Josh’s role at Preaching Peace is multifaceted and ever evolving. As the Outreach Coordinator, his primary work includes outreach and student development for The School of Peace Theology, and graphic design for the multiple marketing initiatives of Preaching Peace. He has over 8 years of experience in outreach, marketing, communications, and donor relations at non-profit organizations and educational institutions across Canada, including Tyndale University College & Seminary and The Canadian Council of Churches in Toronto. Josh holds a master’s degree in theology from Tyndale Seminary, where he was the winner of the Dr. Ross and Carol Bailey Theology Award and the Stanley A. Boswell Expository Preaching Award.

Josh is also a national award winning faith and culture writer for his column, Jesus For Humans, at He is the author of God Incognito: Bonhoeffer’s Theology of the Cross for the Trump Apocalypse (forthcoming, Wipf and Stock 2017), and you can find some of his reflections on kenotic Christology and culture on his blog at He lives in Murillo, Ontario with his wife and their two adorable daughters and is a ‘yuge’ ‘big league’ hockey fan (in other words, he’s into it ‘bigly’), being the sole “Canuck” on staff at Preaching Peace. In his off time, he can be found watching Netflix , hockey, or adventuring the beautiful wilderness of Northwestern Ontario.