Greg Vadala is the Director of The School of Peace Theology.  Within 30 minutes of meeting Greg, Michael knew by his Jedi instincts that they would be working together. Greg brings a diverse background as an academic, pastor, teacher, counselor and coach to his involvement with Preaching Peace and The School of Peace Theology.

Having a somewhat twisted sense of humor also allows him to fit in well with this team! He holds degrees in biblical studies and ministry, has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 3 decades which includes creative ventures with his own hand-carved puppets and marionettes, and is certified as a Master Life Coach, Career Consultant and Behavioral Consultant. He is the founder of Pastors Are People Too, a 501c3 that cares for the well-being of ministry leaders, and P.L.A.C.E. Career Guidance which helps people discover their PLACE in the world.

Greg is a creative, clever, precise individual who values a team approach that seeks to truly benefit those they serve; hence, working with The School of Peace Theology is a good PLACE for him.