Category: Team

Lorri Hardin

Lorri is the administrator for Preaching Peace. She loves working alongside Michael and enjoys the beautiful world of God’s creation, has trained for over a

Michael Hardin

Known as “The Dude of Theology”, an appellation he wears as a mark of distinction, Michael Hardin is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Preaching

Caleb Miller

Caleb is a former pastor-turned blogger/junior scholar/web designer/tech director/hat-wearer. He is a proud father of 7 children, 6 boys and one lone girl, and a

Josh Valley

Josh’s role at Preaching Peace is multifaceted and ever evolving. As the Outreach Coordinator, his primary work includes outreach and student development for The School of

Karsten Johnson

Karsten Johnson is an accomplished business professional and has 20+ years experience working with companies of all sizes, including up and coming non profits like Preaching

Greg Vadala

Greg Vadala is the Director of The School of Peace Theology.  Within 30 minutes of meeting Greg, Michael knew by his Jedi instincts that they