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When it comes to the exegesis of the gospels, it is clear that there are distinct differences between the Synoptics and the Fourth Gospel. These

“It is a measure of his genius that Girard has been able to integrate so effectively literature, the human sciences, and theology. Those of us


“We believe in Jesus Christ.” So begins the second clause of the great baptismal creed of the ancient church at Rome, whose structure so informs

Year C presents us, as preachers, with a new set of challenges, very different from those we encountered in Year B. The author of the


Mimesis means imitation (from the Greek, it has been pronounced both “mim-e-sis” or mim-ay-sis). In terms of the Mimetic Theory, mimesis is best understood as

If Girard’s anthropological researches have demonstrated one thing, it is the quasi-universality both of sacrifice and of the ‘emissary’ or scapegoat mechanism in all known

The Scapegoat

When in the course of human relationships, we find ourselves in conflict over commonly desired objects, mimetically entangled as it were, we may not kill