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My Tribute to René Girard

My world was turned upside down when I first encountered Rene Girard’s books in the autumn of 1987. I recall that in the autumn of

#1    May 20 2013 Let us imagine ourselves back in the past, say 4,000 years ago. No matter where we lived we would


“EcoSpirituality”: Or What Happens When You Sit Down With A French Historian, A Swiss Theologian And An Apache Shaman. “At a Lyceum, not long ago, I felt

(Dr. Stanley’s page) The world today appears to be on the brink of a mimetic crisis unlike anything humanity has yet seen. The atrocities of

In a word, Yes. Would we recommend the film? Absolutely. (except for young children) Jeff: As I sit to write a response to the film,

It seems to us that the modern American Church is becoming increasingly ineffective as a witness to the Gospel, and is often even a handicap.

It is not politic these days to bear witness to peace. To seek peace is equated with ‘liberalism’ or is construed as a form of

Dear Jeff, You recently asked me to write something on Jesus’ hermeneutic. That one can even speak of Jesus’ hermeneutic is a blessing today. Between

Part 1 I have been asked to contribute a series of blog posts considering the problem of the relationship of the “violent God” of the

The satan

(1) Why this series on the satan? I am often asked about the devil or the nature of evil or why there is evil in