Category: Articles by Friends of Preaching Peace

Girard’s Christology

Download: Girard’s Christology – Per Bjornar Grande (PDF)  

Alan Cork, “Transformation” in L’Arche: A Mimetic Account presented to the Colloquium on Violence and Religion 2008  

Download: “Jesus and the Gibeonites: Reading the Bible from the Perspective of the Hidden Victim” by James Warren.  

Download: Resisting the Empire: Fidelity to the Gospel of Life by Robert J. Arner  

Download: A Relational God of Peace by Jordan Blevins  

Download: Resurrection As Atonement: Rediscovering the Nonviolence of Christian Orthodoxy using Girard’s Principle of Metaphysical by Britton W. Johnston  

Download: Escaping the Power of “My” – A NonViolent Approach to Stewardship by Jeff Krantz

Myth and Film

Download: Myth and Film – a piece written by Jeff Krantz for the City of Angels Film Festival

Download: Worship – The Redemption of Desire by Jeff Krantz

Download: Holy Scripture and the Consecration of Gene Robinson – a response to the request of the Windsor Report for a Scriptural rationale by Jeff Krantz