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By Matthew J. Distefano In this essay, I am going to attempt to articulate what I believe is a consistent message contained within four of

Review by Jeff Krantz Please don’t read this if you’re concerned about having the movie spoiled for you. (Though you’ll be able to predict most

Recently, three very different films (all three the third in their own series!) passed through our local theaters, all of them fantastical enough that they

Crucified Son of Man or Mighty One? Mark’s Chiastic Gospel Structure and the question of Jesus’ identity Jeffrey H. Krantz ( If the Greek

The Civic and the Nomadic in the Hebrew Bible Sketch of a Talk Prepared for COV&R 2010 to be delivered at the University of Notre

July 24, 2011Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52Thomas L. and Laura C. TrubyDownload PDF Jesus, the Mustard Seed How many of you went to a fireworks display this

Download: An essay by the Rev. John Hill on Mimetic Theory and Catechesis (PDF)  

Download: Gerald Biesecker-Mast’s paper from Theologia Pacis on Pacifist Gospel Epistemology. 

Download: Comparing Plato’s Understanding of Mimesis to Girard’s (PDF) – Per Bjorner Grande  

Download: Violence, Anarchy and Scripture: Jacques Ellul and Rene Girard by Matthew Patillo