Author: Caleb Miller

The Civic and the Nomadic in the Hebrew Bible Sketch of a Talk Prepared for COV&R 2010 to be delivered at the University of Notre

July 24, 2011Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52Thomas L. and Laura C. TrubyDownload PDF Jesus, the Mustard Seed How many of you went to a fireworks display this

Download: An essay by the Rev. John Hill on Mimetic Theory and Catechesis (PDF)  

Download: Gerald Biesecker-Mast’s paper from Theologia Pacis on Pacifist Gospel Epistemology. 

Download: Comparing Plato’s Understanding of Mimesis to Girard’s (PDF) – Per Bjorner Grande  

Download: Violence, Anarchy and Scripture: Jacques Ellul and Rene Girard by Matthew Patillo  

Girard’s Christology

Download: Girard’s Christology – Per Bjornar Grande (PDF)  

Alan Cork, “Transformation” in L’Arche: A Mimetic Account presented to the Colloquium on Violence and Religion 2008  

Download: “Jesus and the Gibeonites: Reading the Bible from the Perspective of the Hidden Victim” by James Warren.  

Download: Resisting the Empire: Fidelity to the Gospel of Life by Robert J. Arner