Author: Caleb Miller

In a word, Yes. Would we recommend the film? Absolutely. (except for young children) Jeff: As I sit to write a response to the film,

It seems to us that the modern American Church is becoming increasingly ineffective as a witness to the Gospel, and is often even a handicap.

It is not politic these days to bear witness to peace. To seek peace is equated with ‘liberalism’ or is construed as a form of

Dear Jeff, You recently asked me to write something on Jesus’ hermeneutic. That one can even speak of Jesus’ hermeneutic is a blessing today. Between

Part 1 I have been asked to contribute a series of blog posts considering the problem of the relationship of the “violent God” of the

The satan

(1) Why this series on the satan? I am often asked about the devil or the nature of evil or why there is evil in

(1) Rethinking the Creed My orthodoxy is challenged quite a bit on Facebook by any number of conservative Protestant readers of my posts. This is

Review by Jeff Krantz Please don’t read this if you’re concerned about having the movie spoiled for you. (Though you’ll be able to predict most

Recently, three very different films (all three the third in their own series!) passed through our local theaters, all of them fantastical enough that they

Crucified Son of Man or Mighty One? Mark’s Chiastic Gospel Structure and the question of Jesus’ identity Jeffrey H. Krantz ( If the Greek