Our Favorite Links

We’ve listed below, with some annotation, some of the sites we’ve found around the Net who are also committed to peace, not only as an end, but as a means. If you know of other sites you’d like us to consider, please send an email to us.

Joshua Tongol‘s videos and message are critical for these times. He is a missionary in the Phillipines charged by the grace, mercy and love of God. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Theology and Peace is an organization founded by Tony Bartlett and Michael Hardin that meets annually to discuss the work of Rene Girard’s mimetic theory in relation to contemporary theology.

Tony Bartlett’s new blog . Wood Hath Hope is Tony’s community (he is the founder). We guarantee whatever Tony writes about will be insightful, timely and inspiring.

Peace Theology: Ted Grimsrud writes from a Mennonite perspective informed by John Howard Yoder

Center For Christian Nonviolence: A resource center offering books, articles, DVD’s and CD’s reflecting on the power of Jesus’ nonviolence. Co-ordinated by Emmanuel Charles McCarthy (Nobel Peace Prize nominee) and Dr. John Carmody (a neurophysiologist specializing in the mimetic theory).

Are the Gospels Mythical? by Rene Girard

Liturgy: An independent website serving individuals and communities seeking to have worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful- Bosco Peters, Chaplain, ChristChurch, New Zealand

A collection of essays and e-books by Dennis Rivers that nicely explore a wholistic peacemaking spirituality.

Our “sister” site, Paul Neuchterlein’s site, of much longer standing than ours, “Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary.”

Though not specifically devoted to the project of “peace,” Jenee Woodard’s site, “” has been a big help in getting us started.

And both of us are deeply indebted to the work of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion.

Peace Church Bible Study Home Page This site has links to lots of Bible Study materials related to peace, and links to sites maintained by the historic peace churches.

The Peace and Justice Support Network of the Mennonite Church The mission of Peace and Justice Support Network of Mennonite Church USA is to proclaim and promote God’s desire for justice (Micah 6:8), Christ’s call to peacemaking (Matthew 5:9), and the Spirit’s reconciling work (Ephesians 2:11-22).

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North Carolina. “The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America gathers, equips and mobilizes Baptists to build a culture of peace rooted in justice. We labour with a wonderful array of peacemakers to change the world.”